Who We Are

We are a group of doctoral and masters level psychologists who have specialized training in providing treatment to individuals struggling with psychological and behavioral difficulties.  We research the treatments that work and we have the desire, training, and skillfulness to help.

Dr. Tamara Loverich

Dr. Tamara LoverichDr. Loverich is an owner and primary psychologist in the practice. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2002 where she specialized in understanding and changing excessive behaviors such as losses of sexual self-control, and cognitive behavioral assessment and treatment (including mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) for a variety of difficulties. Dr. Loverich has been a university professor since 2001, where she has maintained a research program that focuses on understanding how people use behaviors such as eating, substance abuse, smoking, internet use, television watching and others to feel better, and how to help people to manage thoughts and feelings differently. Dr. Loverich has been a psychotherapist since 1994, and has supervised masters and doctoral students in training since 2001. Special areas of interest include mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies, sustaining weight loss, family-based weight loss and obesity prevention, emotional and experiential avoidance, sexual abuse recovery and prevention, helping people to create the lives they want to live, and concerns related to culture. Dr. Loverich has been fully licensed to practice psychology in the state of Michigan since 2007.


Amanda Taylor, M.S., T.L.L.P.

Amanda Taylor is a Michigan temporary limited license psychologist with a Master’s degree in clinical behavioral psychology from Eastern Michigan University. She has been trained in cognitive and modern behavioral therapies and has extensive training in Acceptance and Commitment therapy and Mindfulness practices. She has conducted research under Dr. Loverich that focuses on the emotion regulation properties of deception, and the theoretical foundations of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Amanda has clinical experience with a broad range of psychological issues including personality and mood disorders, and severe anxiety in both adolescents and adults.