How We Can Help

ACT – WEL (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Weight Loss)

Components of Treatment Program

  1. Clients begin by learning about their unique eating patterns.  The focus of this portion of treatment is the psychological and emotional causes of some kinds of eating.  Psychological difficulties and stressors are also addressed.
  2. New approaches to challenging thoughts and feelings are introduced and practiced.  Therapists teach the skills and then help with the implementation and problem-solving until they become more automatic.
  3. Education about nutrition for weight loss and weight maintenance is provided.  Clients are provided with resources to help construct a healthful diet they can live with.  We do not suggest a low calorie or “dieting” approach to eating.
  4. Healthy movement is introduced.  This program does not focus on intense exercise, but instead encourages increasing one’s activity level and metabolism by increasing everyday movement and participating in enjoyable activities.  Once people begin to move, energy increases and they want to do more.
  5. Clients learn how to live in line with what matters most to them.

Treatment Emphasizes

  1. Increasing your ability to cope with difficult thoughts and feelings without overeating, drinking, or having to withdraw into staying busy or screen time.
  2. Building sustainable, healthful habits that fit you personally.  For example: Going to the gym 5 times each week isn’t always a good fit with people’s lifestyles.  But, taking a pet for a walk or playing with your kids after dinner might be an excellent way for you to get moving.
  3. Connecting with what’s important in your life.  You’re motivated to pursue weight loss for a reason.  We want to help you lock in on that reason and recognize barriers to following through with your plan.  Emotional eating is something we emphasize because most people find that this behavior dramatically impacts their ability to lose weight.
  4. Cultivating a values-driven lifestyle.  This means that we help you get in contact with what’s most important in your life and help you to set goals and live in accordance with what makes you happiest.  When you are doing what matters to you every day, weight begins to come off and stay off.
  5. Above all else we emphasize confidentiality, trust, respect, and compassion.