Cultivating Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a set of skills designed to aid in increasing awareness, attention, and acceptance of things that cannot always be changed. It has been taught in medical and psychological settings for 30 years as a way to successfully manage stress, anxiety, panic, depression, and the effects of stress on heart disease, chronic pain, skin problems, asthma, and other physiological concerns.

Our mindfulness groups are conducted weekly over the course of 8 weeks with 5-10 group members. Each class is approximately an hour and a half in length, one evening per week. Each class includes guided mindfulness exercises, gentle movement exercises, lecture, and group discussion. Between classes participants will be encouraged to practice the skills using CDs, homework assignments and readings.

Weight Loss and Maintenance

Have you tried multiple times and in different ways to lose weight and been unsuccessful? Or have you lost weight but then quickly gained it back? For some people, diet and exercise alone are not enough. Weight loss is an emotional, cognitive and physical process. Our 8-week weight loss group introduces a new way of thinking about weight loss. Through participation in the group you will learn how to change your relationship with your emotions, thoughts, AND your body. This group will help you gain the skills to:

  • Develop insight into why you eat and why you may avoid physical activity
  • Listen to and value your personal experience
  • Feel good about yourself and live well

Emotional Eating

Have you tried to lose weight, but found it difficult to control your food intake? Emotional eating may be the culprit. People often report that they eat to alleviate undesirable feelings of sadness, loneliness, boredom, etc. This strategy may work for you in the short run because it helps you get rid of negative feelings and provides a quick pleasurable experience. Unfortunately, in the long run, emotional eating is a major barrier to weight loss. Our 8-week emotional eating group will help you to identify your emotional eating triggers, develop strategies for regulating emotions so you don’t rely on eating, and help you meet your weight loss goals.